Westman Atelier Clean Liquid Blender Brush Review

As previously noted, I made but a single purchase during the Sephora VIB Winter Sale: the Westman Atelier Clean Liquid Blender Brush, and that was it. Since I am a VIB, rather than a ROUGE member, I only received a 15% discount, and had I known then that Bergdorf Goodman was going to have a 25% Off Sale, then I would have waited and saved even more (especially since this brush is $125.00). Apparently other people decided to purchase this brush from Bergdorf Goodman since they are temporarily out-of-stock.

Given that I own all of the amazing Westman Atelier makeup brushes (see links to the individual reviews below), I just needed to add this one to my collection. I am obsessed with this type of brush, and I knew that I would use it all of the time for tinted moisturizers, foundations and general buffing and blending.

Features: The bristles are made from 66% recycled content using post-consumer material | Cruelty-Free Polyester Bristles | Handmade | Optimal density, softness and function | Cherry Wood handle sourced from Japan.

Rounded shape with compact bristles for seamless blending of liquid formulas. An essential blending brush for liquid formulas and ideal companion to Vital Skincare Complexion Drops. The compact, rounded shape blends seamlessly while beautifully refining the finish of makeup on skin, making it Gucci’s go-to brushes


Brushes are my most important tools. I think of them as an extension of myself, and it’s an absolute luxury to work with an extraordinary brush.

Using a gentle sweeping motion, work close to the skin to blend and smooth your Vital Complexion Drops. I like to squeeze 3-5 drops directly onto the brush head, and smooth the product over skin with the liquid blender brush for a seamless refined finish. Ideal for even, quick applications of makeup.

The Westman Atelier Clean Liquid Blender Brush is one of the most dense, soft and fluffy blending brushes that I have had the pleasure of using, and while it was conceived as “the ideal companion” for the Westman Atelier Vital Skincare Complexion Drops, it is unmitigated perfection for all of my liquid tinted moisturizers and foundations. Its density, softness and fluffiness makes this brush the most efficient foundation blending brush that I have tried. In fact, it is such an effective blending brush that it can be used to blend all makeup, and I find it as effective with powder and cream formulas. The short handle makes it very easy to maneuver, and it is compact enough for easy travel. I should note that I have already washed it several times, and it hasn’t shed a single bristle and it resumed its perfect shape on its own without an coaxing on my part. It fits perfectly into my hand, and its hefty proportions are just brilliant and pragmatic.

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