Top 05 Life Insurance Blogs That Are Actually Interesting to Read

If there’s one word that most people would associate with life insurance blogs, what would it be?

Boring? Complicated? Or pushy? Maybe not.

In this post, I want to share with you ten life insurance blogs that read like lifestyle magazines. Not only do they cover topics in life insurance, but they also talk about everything life entails, be it lifestyle, health, relationship, parenting, career, money, and the like. And most importantly, the articles in these life insurance blogs are educational, revealing, and interesting to read.

I understand you only have so much time. Instead of drowning you with a random list of 50 insurance blogs that covers everything you may or may not need, here’s my selection of ten blogs that focus on life insurance.

1. Life Insurance Blog – All your life insurance questions answered

Life insurance Blog is an insurance marketplace where you can shop for life insurance at the best price. Their blog is very resourceful and educational. And you will find everything you need to know about life insurance and life insurance companies here.

2. The Insurance Pro Blog – An life insurance expert knowledge hub

If you are looking to make the best out of different types of life insurance policies, The Insurance Pro Blog is the place to be. The founders of this blog are industry practitioners and have in-depth knowledge to share with you on how life insurance works for you and your clients – in plain language that you can understand.

This blog is not only for consumers to learn more about life insurance, but it is also a valuable resource for insurance agents to spice up their industry knowledge.

3. Life Happens Blog – Life insurance resources for smart consumers

Life Happens is a nonprofit organization with a mission to give you unbiased information to help you make smart insurance choices to protect your loved ones.


This blog is focused on life insurance, annuities, disability and long-term care insurance are and how these financial tools can help you build a strong financial foundation.

4. Haven Life Blog – A lifestyle magazine

Haven Life is a customer-centric life insurance company that offers term life insurance coverage issued by MassMutual. They pride themselves on allowing consumers to digitally purchase a dependable and affordable term life insurance policy.

There are three main sections in their blog – Your Life Insurance, Your Money and Your ellness. I’ve found their articles very educational and read like a lifestyle magazine. Here are my hand-picked posts

5. Sproutt’s Magazine – On lifestyle, wellness, and personal finance

Sproutt is a new entrant to the life insurance marketplace. They literally position their blog as “Sproutt Magazine” rather than an insurance blog. 

Their content team is a group of experts in different fields. From nutrition to sleep, physical activities, travel, and personal finance, they’ve got you covered.

I put this at the end of the list just in case you are unaware that The Balance also covers the insurance vertical as a financial mega-site. You can find short and sharable articles on life, car, home, and health insurance.

They also have a good collection of reviews on the most popular insurance companies that you can trust.

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