The best tourist places in Qatar

Unlike the classic Middle Eastern countries, Qatar, which implements the policy of openness to the world and continues to keep pace with modernity, clearly reveals this fact through the best tourist places in Qatar, cities and modern structures, and we can say that Qatar hosts tourists from all over the world during the summer months due to its great location .

Despite being a modern country, it was able to convert its rich underground resources into suitable investments, and it has achieved and is still achieving great changes, especially in the field of tourism.

Information about Qatar

Usually, the places to visit in Qatar are luxurious and wonderful newly built places. It is worth mentioning that the State of Qatar is located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula with an area of ​​11,571 square kilometers.

Its only border neighbor is Saudi Arabia, the country’s other border is surrounded by the Persian Gulf, and nearly all of the citizens are Muslims.

Apart from the Arab citizens, there are also many citizens who come to work in oil production.

The geographical structure of the country is plains and consists of deserts.

Qatar is divided into 8 municipalities: Doha, Al Rayyan, Al Shahaniya, Umm Salal, Al Hoor, Al Wakra, Al Daayen and Al Shamal.

A large part of the world’s oil reserves are located in Qatar, and this has led to the development of the country and the development of its economy.

The most beautiful tourist places in Qatar

Katara Cultural Village

Qatar Cultural Village is located in Doha, the capital of Qatar, it is inundated with tourists from everywhere and is a special place because it embodies the basic rules of the country’s culture. Or special offers, as Qatar Beach is located in this village, and this increases the attractiveness of the village.


One of the most exotic tourist places in Qatar, it has its own atmosphere, which impresses with its cinematic architecture. There are also very interesting souvenir shops in the area, which also hosts film festivals.


One of the most important tourist places in Qatar, where the giant Corniche is located directly next to Doha Bay, and basically represents a long cordon with an area of 7 kilometers, and the Corniche is located at a point that we can call the heart of Doha.

After visiting the Museum of Islamic Art for a while, you can take a private tour along the Corniche, the locals like to play sports on the Corniche and it is also possible to take boat tours with private boats.

Khor Al Adaid

Step away from Doha and breathe in the wonderful Khor Al Adaid center of photography, and you can watch the desert dance with the sea in the area included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Banana Island

By coming to Banana Island, you can see how amazing the beaches are in Qatar, where the turquoise sea meets the white sands in a large peninsula of the Maldives, with a length of 750 meters, and it is possible to take advantage of ferry services to reach the island, and there are private golf courses in The island.

Racing and Equestrian Club

One of the most beautiful and interesting tourist places in Qatar and specifically in Doha is the Racing and Equestrian Club, this place is literally a paradise for horses, and in it you can watch horse races as the most beautiful Arab horses in the world are bred in this place, and it should be noted that there is a very special culture in horse racing In Qatar Furthermore, you do not need to pay any fees to watch horse races.

Historic places worth visiting in Qatar

The country, which has historically been occupied by the British and Ottomans, gained its independence in 1971 and later found oil resources helped to develop it. It is worth noting that the historical sites in Qatar are the places where most of the cultures of the people of the country are reflected.

Al-Jassasi rock carvings. Rock carvings and the remains of ancient settlements have been found in this area. The rock carvings usually consist of animal figures.
Al-Wajbah Castle, which was built as a defensive fortress during the war with the Ottoman Empire.
Katara Pigeon Towers are pigeon towers in the Qatar Mosque, and are structures with holes for pigeon nests.
Katara Cultural Village, also called the Valley of Cultures, is located in Doha and hosts many artistic activities.
Barzan Towers, one of the sites of pearl exploration and sale in Doha, and in the past it was a means of supply. Barzan Towers were also established in 1910 to monitor divers who were fishing for pearls.
The Museum of Islamic Art, which contains artifacts from the Ottoman era.
Msheireb Museums built to protect historic and fascinating architectural structures.
The Qatar National Museum, which is designed in the shape of a desert rose, is displayed in archaeological excavations and historical artifacts, and is one of the most prominent tourist places in Qatar.

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