Some Tips On How To Get A Fruit Picker Job In Canada 2024

Some tips on how to get a fruit picker job in Canada in 2024, Are you looking for a job in Canada as a fruit picker? The agricultural industry in Canada is a major employer, and fruit picking jobs are in high demand during the harvesting season. If you’re interested in working as a fruit picker in Canada in 2024, here are some tips to help you get started.

Start your job search early

The demand for fruit pickers in Canada is high during the harvesting season, which typically runs from May to October. To increase your chances of getting a job, start your job search early. Many farms start recruiting several months before the season begins, so you can apply in advance and secure a job before the rush.

Look for job openings online

There are many online job boards and websites where you can find fruit picking job openings in Canada. Some popular websites to check include Job Bank, Workopolis, and Indeed. You can also look for job postings on the websites of specific farms or fruit growers associations.

Contact fruit growers associations

In addition to job boards and websites, contacting fruit growers associations can be a great way to find job opportunities. These associations represent the interests of fruit growers in Canada and can connect you with farms that are hiring. Some popular associations to contact include the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association and the British Columbia Fruit Growers’ Association.

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Apply to multiple farms

Don’t limit yourself to applying to just one farm. Apply to multiple farms to increase your chances of getting a job. When you apply, make sure to highlight any relevant skills or experience you have, such as previous fruit picking or farm work experience.


Be flexible with your schedule

Fruit picking jobs in Canada typically involve working long hours, and the schedule can be unpredictable depending on the weather and crop conditions. To increase your chances of getting hired, be flexible with your schedule and be prepared to work long hours, including weekends.

Be prepared for the physical demands of the job

Fruit picking is a physically demanding job that involves a lot of bending, lifting, and standing for long periods. Make sure you are physically fit and able to handle the demands of the job before you apply.

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Obtain the necessary paperwork

Before you start working as a fruit picker in Canada, you’ll need to obtain the necessary paperwork, such as a work permit and a Social Insurance Number (SIN). You can apply for a work permit online through the Government of Canada website, and you can obtain a SIN by visiting a Service Canada office.

In conclusion, getting a fruit picker job in Canada in 2024 requires starting your job search early, looking for job openings online, contacting fruit growers associations, applying to multiple farms, being flexible with your schedule, being prepared for the physical demands of the job, and obtaining the necessary paperwork. With these tips, you can increase your chances of finding a job and start your fruit picking career in Canada.

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