Long Beach Unified School District Calendar 2023/2024

Welcome to the Long Beach Unified School District Calendar for 2023! This comprehensive calendar provides students, parents, teachers, and community members with essential information about important dates, holidays, and events throughout the academic year. Stay organized and plan ahead to make the most of your educational journey.

Key Dates and Holidays

  • First Day of School: August 21, 2023
    1. Mark your calendars for the exciting start of the new academic year. Prepare for a fresh beginning filled with learning, growth, and opportunities.
  • Thanksgiving Break: November 22-26, 2023
    1. Enjoy a well-deserved break during the Thanksgiving holiday. Spend quality time with family and friends, recharge, and express gratitude for the blessings in your life.
  • Winter Break: December 18, 2023, to January 1, 2024
    1. Celebrate the joyous holiday season and take some time off to relax and rejuvenate. Make lasting memories and return to school refreshed and ready for the second half of the year.
  • Spring Break: April 1-5, 2024
    1. Embrace the arrival of spring by taking a break from the daily routine. Use this time to explore new interests, engage in outdoor activities, or simply unwind before the final stretch of the academic year.
  • Last Day of School: June 7, 2024
    1. Celebrate the culmination of another successful year of hard work and achievements. Bid farewell to friends and teachers, reflecting on the growth and memories made along the way.

Events and Special Programs

  1. Back-to-School Night: September 7, 2023
    • Attend this important event where parents and guardians can meet teachers, familiarize themselves with the school environment, and gain insights into the upcoming academic year.
  2. Parent-Teacher Conferences: October 9-13, 2023
    • Engage in meaningful discussions with your child’s teachers to understand their progress, address any concerns, and collaborate on strategies for academic success.
  3. College Fair: March 15, 2024
    • An invaluable opportunity for high school students and their parents to explore various colleges, meet admissions representatives, and gather information to make informed decisions about higher education.
  4. Graduation Ceremonies: June 5-7, 2024
    • Congratulate and celebrate the accomplishments of graduating seniors as they embark on a new chapter in their lives. Join in the joyous ceremonies and support the future leaders of our community.

the Long Beach Unified School District Calendar for 2023 serves as an invaluable resource for students, parents, teachers, and community members. By utilizing this comprehensive calendar, you can stay informed and organized, ensuring that you never miss an important date or event throughout the academic year.

From the exciting first day of school on August 21, 2023, to the joyous graduation ceremonies from June 5-7, 2024, this calendar allows you to plan ahead and embrace every milestone along the educational journey. Take note of key dates such as Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break, which provide well-deserved opportunities for rest, relaxation, and quality time with loved ones.

Additionally, the calendar highlights essential events and programs that enhance the educational experience. Attend Back-to-School Night to establish connections with teachers and gain valuable insights into the upcoming year. Engage in meaningful discussions during Parent-Teacher Conferences to support your child’s academic progress. And don’t miss the College Fair, where you can explore various higher education options and gather crucial information for future decision-making.


As the academic year progresses, the Long Beach Unified School District Calendar for 2023 will guide you, keeping you updated and informed. It provides a roadmap for success, ensuring that you maximize your learning opportunities and make the most of your educational experience within the district.

Remember to refer to this calendar regularly, mark important dates on your personal schedule, and actively engage in the events and programs it highlights. By doing so, you can foster a strong sense of community, create lasting memories, and celebrate the achievements of students, teachers, and the district as a whole.

Embrace the journey that lies ahead in the Long Beach Unified School District, and let the 2023 calendar be your companion as you navigate through a year filled with growth, learning, and remarkable experiences. Together, we can make this academic year a resounding success.

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