Rubber Ducky Lip Balms: The Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Rubber Ducky has been making sunscreen for over 30 years, and their SPF Lip Balms offer wonderful protection against the sun. They make both mineral/physical and chemical SPF lip balms, but none of them contain oxybenzone. Not all of their lip balms contain SPF, but their SPF lip balms are Reef-Safe. Rubber Ducky lip balms have a wonderful scents … Read more

How I got my Hair Colour: Bleaching & Lightening Dark Brown Hair

My journey to achieve my current light-medium blonde hair colour was not a short one, in fact it started over nine months ago and it took me several bleach + toning session to achieve the colour that is now very close to what I originally wanted. My hair is natural dark brown, it’s thick and … Read more

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