Best Things To Do in Paphos, Cyprus

There are so many amazing things to do in Paphos. It’s one of the main tourist destinations in Cyprus and for good reason. It has great restaurants, crazy nightlife, an amazing coastline, national parks, an epic water park, and incredible historic sites right on the doorstep, no matter where you stay.

I spent around 4 months living in Cyprus as a digital nomad and Paphos quickly became one of my favorite places on the whole island. I was lucky enough to be shown the best that Paphos has to offer by my friends living in the area, and I completely fell in love with it.

If you’re planning to visit Paphos and are wondering where to go and what to do, this guide will help you plan the perfect itinerary for your stay.

Top 05 Things To Do in Paphos

There are so many incredible things to do in Paphos and the surrounding areas. It’s home to some of the best things to do in Cyprus. I have spent a couple of long summers in Cyprus, and I still haven’t managed to do everything!

So, to help you make the most of your time in this beautiful city, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite Paphos activities to provide you with some inspiration.

1. Take a Wine Tour in the Troodos Mountains

The Troodos Mountains are a short drive from Paphos and are home to the great wine-growing region of Cyprus. The Troodos Mountains have the distinction of having the oldest named wine still in production in the sweet dessert wine, Commandaria.

A day trip into the Troodos Mountains is one of the most fun things to do near Paphos. In particular, this tour incorporates a tour of an award-winning, boutique winery with a trip to the beautiful Chrysoroyiatissa Monastery which boasts incredible views over the Mountains.

It’s also one of the most romantic things to do in Paphos for couples. I loved our trip into the Troodos Mountains, which are home to some beautiful, traditional Cypriot villages which give a great insight into the history of this amazing island.

2. Visit the Beaches at Coral Bay

Heading up the coast to the beautiful Coral Bay is one of the top things to do in Paphos. The coastline in Paphos itself has a number of smaller beaches as well as a beautiful promenade, but for the best beaches in the area, head to Coral Bay.

Coral Bay is a short 6 km drive from Paphos. Here, you’ll find beautiful fine sand beaches and stunning blue water. This blue flag beach has all the amenities you need, including loungers and umbrellas for rent, and cafes and shops for refreshments.


It’s one of my favorite places in Paphos to relax and it’s perfect for couples, groups, or families.

3. Swim Around Aphrodite’s Rock

Petra Tou Romiou, also known as Aphrodite’s Rock, is one of the most popular places in Paphos to visit.

Aphrodite’s Rock is a sea stack that is famous in Greek mythology as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love and beauty.

Folklore suggests that if you swim around Aphrodite’s Rock three times, then you’ll be granted everlasting beauty. It may be a myth, but it’s got to be worth a go, right?

There are shingle beaches on either side of Aphrodite’s Rock to dry off after a swim, and there’s also a car park with a small shop inside to refuel after attempting your laps.

4. Blue Lagoon Boat Trip (One of the Best Things to do in Paphos)

One of my favorite things to do in Paphos is to visit the stunning Blue Lagoon in Akamas National Park.

The Blue Lagoon is a cove within the National Park with stunning, blue water. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Paphos and the perfect spot to cool off from the hot sun. I recommend heading to the Blue Lagoon by boat to fully appreciate the beauty of this place.

This tour is a great option as it combines a trip to Blue Lagoon with a visit to the Baths of Aphrodite, which is another of my top things to do in Paphos and appears later in this blog. This is a fantastic day out and is understandably one of the most popular Paphos attractions for all kinds of visitors.

5. Take a Halloumi Cheese Making Tour

This is one of the more unusual things to do in Paphos, but it’s an excellent way to immerse yourself in Cypriot tradition and culture.

This hugely popular tour takes you on a full-day tour of Troodos Mountain. You’ll visit a traditional Cypriot village where you’ll make halloumi and anari cheese with some charming locals. You’ll then sit down together to enjoy the fruits of your labor over a delicious brunch.

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